About us

AMSAI DESIGN & FAB is an organization built with a sole objective to maximize customer satisfaction. Always wanting to explore new innovative ideas & products which could benefit our customers prompted us to introduce new aesthetics, designs in the otherwise mundane Portable cabins in the Indian market. As the Indian market for quality Portable cabins grew and acceptability for quality products from varied industries resulted in us developing a quality conscious infrastructure.

Over the years, AMSAI DESIGN & FAB has taken confident strides on the road to corporate excellence thus ensuring growth and prosperity to its customers. Drawing from our bucket of rich and vast experience, products and solutions. We ensure our products are simple, feature rich and internationally acclaimed to ensure reliable and critical service.

AMSAI DESIGN & FAB is a well known name in manufacturing Site Offices, Bunk Houses, porta cabins, portable cabins, portacabin or tailor made Accommodation solutions, Toilet solutions & Laboratory units. From infrastructure companies,big developers to all Industries, from 16sq.ft. to 100000sq.ft, AMSAI DESIGN & FAB makes everything possible under one roof.

Our products includes Portable Cabin, Garage, Bunk House, Beach House, Terrace Room, Security Cabin, Project office, Off shore & On shore Room, Cabin, Home, Canteen, Home Toilet,Kitchen & Bedroom.

The product has very long life and is suitable for all the climatic conditions. Structure is completely portable and can be assembled at site in a day's time to a month depending upon size of structures.

Product features:
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy maintenance

Our Clients