Pre Engineered Buildings

1) Columns and rafters of rigid frames are tapered built-up “I” sections. Interior columns of multi-span frames may be square tube sections.

2) All rigid frame connections are bolted. Columns and rafters are provided with welded end plates for anchoring to foundations and for member-to- Member attachment. Pre-punched holes or welded clips are provided for attachment of purlins and girters, bracing, and other components.

3) Load bearing “post-and-beam” (P&B) end frames may be constructed from cold-formed channels, hot rolled sections or built-up welded plate sections, as required.

4) Purlin and girts are pre-punched cold-formed “Z” shaped sections, 200 mm in depth with stiffened flanges.

5) Eave struts are pre-punched cold-formed “C” shaped sections, 180 mm in depth with 85 mm stiffened flanges. The eave strut serves as a longitudinal structural bracing member in addition to acting as a transition point for walls and roof sheeting.

6) Panels (roof and walls) are roll formed to the maximum practical length (generally 9000 mm) to minimize end laps in the field.

7) The standard roof and walls panel is Profile “S”. It is a roll formed panel having 4 major high ribs and 4 minor ribs. The panel covers a width of 1000 mm. The lapped major rib has a siphon break to prevent capillaric intrusion of water at the side lap. The panel has an extended bearing leg to provide stiffening during installation.

8) Roof panels have a minimum end lap of 150 mm over purlins and are fully protected from siphon action by end lap mastic.

9) Wall panels have the same side lapping as the roof panels. End lap is 100 mm over the girts. Generally no side or end lap mastic is required.

10) Sandwich panels are factory-injected insulated panels. They are constructed of a hard polyurethane foam core between two single skin panels. The rigid foam core has a density of approximately 40 kg/m3. The standard roof sandwich panel is the Tempcon (TC) panel. The outer panel is the standard Profile “S” panel, described in section.

11) The inner panel is a flat panel. The standard wall sandwich panel is the Tem¬parch (TA) panel. Both the outer and inner panels are flat panels. All sandwich panels cover a width of 1000 mm.

12) Profiled ridge panels are provided at the ridge of all buildings with single skin roof panels.

13) Eave gutters are supplied in lengths of 6000 mm. They are cold-formed to a profiled cross-section that is about 180 mm wide x 168 mm high.

14) Downspouts for eave gutters is supplied in lengths of up to 9000 mm to minimize splicing. They are cold-formed to a ribbed rectangular cross section 105 mm wide x 73 mm deep.

15) Valley gutters are supplied in maximum lengths of 4500 mm. They are cold-formed in two standard size classifications; 400 mm wide x 190 mm high and 354 mm wide x 190 mm high.

16) Downspouts for valley gutters in Multi-Gable (MG) buildings are PVC pipes supplied in three sizes; 110 mm, 160 mm and 200 mm (outside diameter). Fiberglass or PVC outlets connecting the valley gutter to the downspouts are also supplied.

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