Single Storey Office

We offer creatively designed and professionally furnished Movable Offices Container that are offered with requisite electricity connection. These portable offices are known for their space and superior quality office accessories.

Units can be locked together to form larger structures both single story and double story such as houses, offices or even two story accommodation blocks. Commonly known in the industry as "Dongas", modular or transportable buildings used in remote housing accommodation villages, is now an important part of the mining and construction industry. From a single a self contained unit through to modules (often called complexes) of grouped units, the traditional "Donga" is nowdays more comfortable, some more recent designs could even be termed as luxurious.

Units are of steel construction, fully insulated and come with electrical and plumbing. Units arrive flat packed on site, ready for assembly. Six skilled workers can finish three modular units in a day. If required, custom designed containers can be made to any specifications to suit and purpose.


Unique Features of our portable construction site offices are:

  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Suitable for all types of weather conditions
  • Ideal for site office / mini office / office extensions
  • Portable
  • highly durable
  • weather & corrosion resistant
  • cost effective
  • low maintenance
  • safe from fire or earthquakes
Double Storey Buildings

Light steel structure prefabricated house provides temporary or permanent housing for construction, agriculture, industrial, commercial, school, sport, armed services, emergency relief and social events etc. Also the vagaries of the weather, caused by rain, wind, hail, snow and sun. Our system can be deployed to high wind areas such as coastal regions and on mountain ranges, providing a safe storage/working environment. The frame's unique features allow the structure to be erected without heavy lifting equipment, which is beneficial for emergency relief and storage to remote areas. Large shelters can be erected quickly with little more than labour, aluminium platforms and basic tools.

Prefabricated House Application

Temporary accommodation, office, mining camp, mobile shelters, emergency housing, emergency relief, sales area, school, shop construction, storage halls, supermarkets, show room, armed services, entertainment room, exhibition area, etc.

Key Aspects Of Our Prefabricated Houses

There are many beneficial aspects of our houses, some are listed below:

  • ISO9001 quality certification for quality warranty.
  • Good insulation in extreme conditions, particularly harsh winter.
  • Protects from rain, snow, sleet, wind, hail and the sun.
  • Simple, quick and easy to erect, dismantle and remove.
  • The lightweight of the structure allows easy transport and erection. The frame is

    delivered in flat pack form, saving on valuable transportation volume and costs.
  • House are modular allowing various spans, lengths and heights.
  • Bespoke units can be supplied to your requirements with position of doors, windows

    and colour of sheeting to your needs.
  • No expensive foundations are required. The frames can be constructed on grass, clay,

    sand, natural ground, concrete, tarmac, paving, etc., without damage.
Our Service
  • Layout plan can be designed if needed.
  • Installation introduction / CD will be provided if needed.
  • Workers & engineers can be sent abroad if needed.
  • 5 professional engineers for consultancy and quiries.
  • Other optional requirements.

Our Clients